Melanie Stinnett
State Representative

Melanie Stinnett believes that service to her community is not a question. It is a given. Raised with strong conservative and family values, she was taught that when something needs to be done, you get up and do it. With a steadfast voice for the unborn, a vision of a government with less power over local authority, and a commonsense approach to business principles that can limit wasteful spending, she is a choice for the future of Missouri!

Melanie graduated with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Missouri State University. She worked for several years in both hospital systems in Springfield before deciding to open an independent pediatric speech therapy clinic. With her guidance and hard work, that clinic has now grown to employ over 25 people serving thousands of children. She also founded a local non-profit and spends time volunteering on behalf of organizations advocating for those with disabilities. Trips to Jefferson City over the past five years have become frequent as she testifies in House and Senate hearings, talking to legislators about policies that improve the lives of those living with a disability.

Melanie and her husband, Nathan, enjoy spending time in the outdoors with their two young sons who are homeschooled. You can often find them hiking the trails or fishing in the Missouri rivers. Her husband and sons are a great source of inspiration for her work and service.